After creating your teacher account, there are several quick and easy ways to dive right in to EEi. 

1. Music Studio Melodies and Accompaniments

The EEi Music Studio is an excellent practice tool that allows students to hear the exercises performed by professional musicians. The multiple styles of accompaniments also let students experience a wide variety of musical styles on each exercise. They can practice the same exercise multiple times, each time with a different accompaniment.

Give this a try in class and let your students have fun with this at home.

Now, practicing is more effective and more fun with the EEi Music Studio.

2. Additional Resources: Reproducible Music PDFs

Browse the resources section to find additional teaching materials. These PDFs are downloadable and can be used in any EEi classroom as introductory or review material. Find resources on many topics including:

  • Music Theory

  • Rhythm Counting

  • Note-Naming

  • Instrument Specific Sheets

  • And more...

3. EEi Online Instructional Videos

EEi Videos.png

Many teachers love having these instructional videos to help their students understand instrument assembly and care, tone production, hand position and more. These are easy to use in class and can be used again at home as reinforcement.

Since they are online, students can view these on any device.

EEi Tech Tip: If you have devices in your class (iPads, Chromebooks, etc.), have each section do a group activity and watch their instrument video together.

Don’t have an EEi Teacher Account?

4. Make Class Recordings

Make a quick recording of your students in class for them to hear. Kids always love hearing their group performances and the EEi Music Studio allows you to record on any internet-connected device. Save it online for a few months down the road to show students their progress throughout the year.

The recording feature in the EEi Music Studio is easy to use and stores all your recordings in the cloud.

5. Get Your Students Signed Up in Your EEi Classroom

Your students will love practicing in EEi and they can easily set-up their own personal accounts with a little help from you. It's as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Enter Students into Your EEi Teacher Account

From the My Students section, you can enter students individually or upload an excel sheet.

2. Give Students Their School Code and EEi User ID

You can find your School Code in the My Account section of EEi. You can even change this code if you would like. When you enter your students into EEi, you will need to assign them a unique student ID.

3. Students Create Their EEi Account

Using these two items, students can go online and create their EEi Student Account connected to your EEi Class. 

Student Self-Activation

Students can also create their own accounts without the help of a teacher. They can utilize the tools and resources of EEi on their own, or use this simple process to activate their own account then join their teacher's EEi Class. This takes any data entry off the teacher's plate and lets the students enter their own data.

For more info on student self-activation, click below: