Quickly Get Your EEi Account Ready for Next Year

It will only take a few minutes to get your EEi Account ready to go for the next school year. You can do this at the end of your school year, or just before you start next year. The choice us up to you. :-)

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From the Dashboard of your EEi Teacher Account, go to: My Account

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On the left menu, select End of Year.

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This first step will remove any students that are no longer going to be in your class. This will delete them from your roster and delete their EEi Account.

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On this screen, students will be graduated to the next grade / year. So, for example, your 5th graders will become 6th graders, ready for the next school year.

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In this section, student recordings will be archived. This means:

  • No recordings will show in your teacher account.

  • Student recordings will be saved in their account and moved under the Archived Recordings tab.

  • Students will have no recordings under EE Music or All-Music.

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One of the cool features of EEi is that once you create assignments for a year, you can move those forward to next year. The dates will be changed to match the following school year. You will then simply need to make any tweaks or updates as they come up throughout the year.

So your work creating assignments for an entire year will pay off for years to come - an EEi Time Saver.

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This final step confirms everything and changes the school year to the new school year. This will also update your Grade Book Settings. You will still need to adjust the dates to match your school's calendar for grading periods.

After that, you are ready for the new year.