Essential Elements for Strings: Book Two is a great way to help your students beyond the beginning stages. Book 2 develops performance skills through a variety of exercises, melodies, and engaging music. Read below to see how EE Book 2 can help your students in your music classroom.

Here’s all you need to know about what Book Two has to offer students:

Beyond Book 1: Continued Individual Development Past the Beginner Stages

  • A three page overview of the concepts from Book 1 kicks off Book 2

  • After each concept is reviewed, students can perform them in a follow-up exercise

  • Serves as a great "catch-all" when moving to a new book!

Ensure All Sections Develop All Aspects of Music Together

  • Book 2 includes carefully crafted exercises for various stages of development

  • Featuring time-tested fundamentals throughout, proper playing techniques are reinforced from beginning to end

  • Using these daily will help your students develop better:

    • Sound

    • Pitch

    • Technique

Concepts Organized by Tabs

  • Book 2 introduces a tab system that organizes concepts to practice and apply to your concert music

    • Use the book sequentially or choose a specific concept to work on and apply

  • New concepts are introduced and have immediate and thorough follow through

    • Students learn new ideas and implement them in the musical exercises, providing a clear introduction and meaningful application

Engaging Musical Selections

  • A variety of different musical sections are featured throughout, including:

    • Exercises

    • Duets

    • Solos

    • Full strings arrangements

  • Book 2 ensures all students progress with engaging examples from well-established literature

  • Literature featured includes:

    • Theme from Mahler Symphony #1

    • Snake Charmer

    • Morning (from Peer Gynt Suite)

    • Beethoven Violin Concerto

    • and much more!

  • Arrangements can be used as solos or in larger settings

    • Each player has the melodic part and a harmony part that can be used for ensembles or the entire orchestra

Introduction to Advanced Techniques

  • Each instrument’s respective book three contains music specifically for that instrument

  • To prepare for future advanced technical playing:

    • Warm-ups

    • Technical Exercises

    • Musical Lines addressing instrument-specific needs