Essential Elements for Band Book Two continues the EE learning system with a review of Book 1. Book 2 further develops performance skills through a variety of exercises and melodies, including a section of individual studies designed for each instrument.

Here’s all you need to know about what Book Two has to offer students:

Book 1 Review

  • At the start of Book 2, there is an overview of the concepts from EE Book 1. In these three pages, every concept from EE Book 1 is reviewed and the students have a chance to perform them in an exercise, serving as a great "catch-all" when moving to a new book.

Essential Elements Features: Continued and Expanded

  • Book 2 includes carefully crafted daily warm-ups for various stages of development. These are time-tested fundamentals to reinforce proper playing habits, and help students develop:

    • Better tone

    • Better pitch

    • Better technique

Instrument-Specific Studies

  • Each book contains music specifically written for that instrument

  • In the Individual Study Section, students will find:

    • Warm-Ups

    • Technical exercises

    • Musical lines designed to address specific needs of each instrument.

  • Each exercise is demonstrated by a professional soloist and has a classical piano accompaniment track.

    • This section expands and strengthens the skills taught throughout Book 2.

Rubank Chorales & Studies

  • Full band chorales and Rubank Scale Studies will help your students master music and technique in multiple keys

  • One Rubank Instrumental Solo with piano accompaniment is featured in each book