To do this, you will need:

  • EEi School Code - provided by your teacher (example: HLMusic19)

  • EEi Student Activation Code - found on the title page of your EE Student Book

  • EEi Student ID (optional) - some teachers may provide you with an EEi Student ID to create your account

Step 1: EEi Student Sign-in (Create an Account)

Go to and select the Student Icon.

From there select Create an Account

Once your account is created, the Student Icon is where you will sign in every time.

Step 2: EEi School Code

Next, you will enter your EEi School Code.

School Code Example: HLMusic19

This school code will connect you to your teacher’s EEi Class. It is specific for your EEi Class and can be found in the My Account section of them Main EEi Teacher Account. This will be the same code for every student in that teacher’s account.

If you do not have an EEi School Code, check with your teacher.

Step 3: EEi Student ID

Enter EEi Student ID

If your teacher assigned you an EEi Student ID you need to enter that here. This ID is created by your teacher and is unique to each person from a teacher’s EEi Class.

No EEi Student ID?

Some teachers may choose to have students create their account using only the EEi School Code. Those students will still be connected to the teacher’s account via the EEi School Code.

If this is the case, select “I don’t have an EEi Student ID” and continue the set-up process.

Do NOT select “I don’t have an EEi Student ID” if your teacher gave you an EEi Student ID.

Step 4: Terms and Student Activation Code

Agree to terms and enter the EEi Student Activation Code from your book.

This step simply verifies that you have your own personal copy of an Essential Elements Student Book. This is also where you will enter the Student Activation Code found on the title page of your EE Book.

One EEi Student Account is included with the purchase of an EE Student Book. Therefore, Student Activation Codes are good for one activation. Once you use this code, it can no longer be used to create an EEi account.

Step 5: Finish Account Creation & Confirm

For this final step, you will create a username and password. You will use this to log-in to your EEi Account from this point forward.

We strongly recommend writing this down in a safe place.

If you are creating the account without an EEi Student ID, you will also:

  • Enter your name

  • Select your instrument

  • Select your grade

You will confirm your account Information to finalize your account creation.

Final Tip: Enter an E-mail Address

Once you log-in to EEi, you will be prompted to enter an e-mail address. This is optional, but we recommend this for customer service purposes only and will allow you to use the Forgot Username/Password option if you ever forget your log-in information.

If your school e-mail blocks outside e-mail, we suggest putting in a parent e-mail for password recovery and customer service items.