EEi Beginning Band Instrument Fundamentals

The beginning stages of playing an instrument are very important for every student’s success. EEi offers a variety of resources to address the specific fundamentals needs of each instrument.

In this post, we will walk through the EEi Fundamentals Pages to give you a brief overview of the expanded materials the EEi offers EE book users. You can also view this excerpt from our recent webinar on the fundamental sheets as well.

See the full webinar here:

If you are using EE in your class, be sure to take advantage of these helpful resources included in EEi.

EEi Materials Expand and Enhance the Concepts in the EE Books

While there is a lot of great information in the book, these concepts are important and deserve more ways for students to learn and work with these ideas from the beginning. EEi offers a variety of resources even from the starting pages of the book including:

EEi offers a variety of resources even from the starting pages of the book including:

  • Parts of the Instrument Worksheets

  • Instrument Videos

  • Instrument Assembly Videos

  • Posture and Breathing Videos

Use these resources in class or as reinforcement for your students when they go home. The reproducible pdfs and online videos are correlated to the book to further explain concepts and check for understanding.

Instrument Specific Fundamental Pages

To get started, pages 4 and 5 in EE Student Books offer some great first exercises for beginners. But there are a number of concepts covered on these pages. EEi offers Instrument Specific Studies that focus on these concepts one at a time.

Concepts covered include:

  • Posture & Breathing

  • Mouthpiece, Reed, Head Joint Placement

  • First Sounds

  • Long Tones

  • Changing Notes (First 5 Notes)

  • Articulation