Essential Technique for Band Book Three further develops music skills for intermediate and advanced musicians. Book 3 takes students through multiple key centers, individual studies, and a variety of styles of music.

Individual Studies (& My EE Library)

  • Each Essential Technique book features:

    • Various studies accompanied with audio demonstration tracks recorded by a professional soloist

    • Instrument-specific exercises, perfect for both individual technique study & as small group lessons

Key Centered System

  • Essential Technique covers 9 major and related minor keys, each introduced with:

    • Scales

    • Rubank-style etudes

    • A chord balance exercise

  • Each key also has a short, full-band chorale that includes every scale tone for a given instrument.

Book Two Continuation

  • Continuing on from the previous book, Essential Technique includes more great music that explores a plethora of styles and cultures. Challenging concepts featured throughout are only introduced in familiar keys. Exciting features of book three include:

    • Introduction of triple meters (12/8, 9/8, 3/8), more triple based rhythms, rhythmic figures with rests, and meter changes

    • More music theory and terminology such as grace notes, divisi, and additional dynamics

    • History and music of 16 composers, world music and style studies

    • Integrated creativity and assessment that exceeds the National Standards

Special Studies Section

  • Throughout Essential Technique, various special studies are featured to engage students in more ways than book one and two. These studies include:

    • Reading Skill Builders

      • Further development of sight-reading skills

    • Rhythm Pages

      • Special reinforcement for newly learned meters and rhythmic figures

    • Basics of Jazz

      • A 2-page introduction to jazz style and improvisation, taken from our book, Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble, geared for concert band

    • Full Chorales

      • Perfect for study or performance, arranged by John Higgins

    • Rubank Scales and Arpeggios

      • Featured in both major and minor keys, in additional octaves, and featuring downloadable audio tracks

2. A Multi-Purpose Book for Any Band Program

The final book of the Essential Elements beginning band system, Essential Technique is the perfect resource for programs looking to help students build their skills and technique as they advance to more advanced pieces, and can be used in a variety of different learning settings.