Look in the EEi Resources for:

EEi Holiday Music Activities

The holidays are wonderful time filled with music. It is also a great opportunity to encourage your students to play their instruments for the love of making music and the joy it brings to others.

Look in your EEi Teacher Resources Section for the EEi Holiday Music Activities Sheet. This sheet encourages to students to use the holiday break to perform, create, and play music in a variety of ways. Activities include:

  • Performing Concerts for Family

  • Sending Musical Greetings to Family & Friends

  • Practicing with a Friend

  • and more…

Challenge them to complete as many as they can and see their love of music increase as they perform, create, and play music over the holidays.

EEi Holiday Activities.png


EEi offers many holiday favorites from the book as well as the additional holiday songs available exclusively in EEi. Students can make recordings and play along with these holiday favorites written specifically for EE users. Your students can even make Holiday Albums to share with family and friends.

These Student Holiday Albums make wonderful memories for students and families as they can listen to their recordings for years to come.


with the EEi Music Studio Accompaniments

Did you know the background tracks in EEi are professional studio musicians? Your students can perform for family and friends with an amazing background group. They just need their EEi Account and some speakers.

Encourage students to choose several of their favorite EE Songs to show their parents what they have been working on in class.


Practice with a Friend.jpg

Encourage student to get together to play music over the break. Practicing with friends is a great way for students to enjoy making music and help each other get better. Playing music with others can be more fun than playing by yourself.

Who knows? It might even become a habit.


There are a number of new Holiday Music Videos in the EEi Resources section. Here is a fun example of a a wonderful 360 Degree Video with musicians from the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Share these with your students so they can enjoy them with their families over the break.


Enjoy EEi Over the Break!

Happy Holidays!