We have made available excerpts from a some popular Hal Leonard music theory books.  You can download these pdfs through EEi and copy them to use with your students.

To access these Music Theory Pages, use the dropdown menu in the Resources section of your EEi Teacher Account.

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Introductory Lessons

We have made sure that the essential concepts are covered for all instruments. If students complete each of these theory worksheets, they will have a great foundation for the music they will be working on in EE Book 1.

Lesson Excerpts/Examples

Foundational Concepts Covered:

  • Staff

  • Measures & Bar Lines

  • Beat & Pulse

  • Note & Rest Values

  • Note Names (Treble, Alto, & Bass Clefs)

  • Time Signatures

  • Accidentals

  • Key Signatures

  • and more

These sheets can be a very helpful tool to ensure each student has the same basic understanding of the music they will be performing.

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