EEi Recording Assignments

EEi allows you to send recording assignments to your students in a variety of ways. Creating Recoding Assignments in EEi allows you to organize student recordings to keep track of student progress on EE Exercises, fundamentals, class music, and music for upcoming concerts. Easily communicate with students about their musical achievement and needs.

Read below to learn how to create an EEi Recording Assignment.

1. Go to Recording Assignments in the Assignments Section

To start a Recording Assignment

  • Select the Assignments Icon

  • Choose Recording Assignments

2. Set Assignment Details

To set the assignment details:

  • Select EE Exercise or fill in Assignment Title (All-Music Assignment)

  • Enter Points and Due Date

  • Select Assignment Recipients


  • Select Self-Assessment Rubric

  • Provide Assignment Information

3. Student View

Student view includes:

  • All upcoming assignments on their Dashboard

  • Assignment details and link to specific exercise in the Music Studio

  • Saved Recordings where they can easily submit a recording to their teacher

4. Grading and Teacher View

When teachers receive student recordings:

  • Color coded grid let’s them track student progress

  • Easily listen to, comment and grade recordings

  • Grade and feedback goes directly to the student


EEi Recording Assignments are a great way for teachers to help students and track their progress on a regular basis.