Rhythmic accuracy is the combination of rhythmic understanding and rhythmic precision.

Help your students focus on rhythmic accuracy by having them complete a rhythm counting recording assignment. Students can record themselves clapping and counting the rhythms with the background track and check their progress.

Listening to a recording of their performance and evaluating for improvement is one of the most effective methods of student improvement.


Step 1: Select an exercise in EEi

Step 2: Set accompaniment to Metronome with Melody Off

Step 3: Practice clapping and counting with the metronome track

Step 4: Record and listen to several takes to check progress

Helpful hints:

  • Stress precision with students. Clapping and counting should be exactly with the metronome.

  • Have students utilize the Slow feature in the Music Studio if necessary for a reduced tempo.

  • Having the melody turned off will give the teacher a better idea of the students true rhythmic understanding

  • Practicing with the melody on can be helpful to struggling students

  • Practicing with a musical background track could be helpful for some or a welcomed challenge for others

Student Discussion / Activity:

Discuss the general concept of rhythmic accuracy and consistency. Some students may not understand that precision is the goal, not just getting close. Allow some student to share their recording with the class for kind discussion and feedback.

Questions to ask:

  • How many found this challenging?

  • How many takes did you have to do to get it correct?

  • Did you have a more difficult time with the specific rhythm or with the precision of timing?

  • Did you find any tendencies? (Often ahead, often behind, etc.)

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